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It is said that over 75% of Americans still have no will , no trust, or any estate plan.   This lack of a simple set of documents results in over 4 Billion dollars a year being spent unnecessarily on attorneys and  probate fees.  Don't you think that money could have been better spent on college education, vocational training, or down payment for a first home for your kids or grandkids?  Americans don't PLAN to FAIL, they just FAIL to PLAN.


In my meetings with thousands of clients since 1994, the same theme seems to always present itself.  "We have been thinking about doing something,  but just never got around to it." I am proud to tell you that my clients that have completed their planning will no longer have to procrastinate about getting these important decisions made.


Each family's situation and needs are unique.  We take pride in listening to your needs, and providing the most suitable solution to each situation.  In some cases, a Living Trust is the appropriate approach.  With other families, a simple Last Will and Testament is the most suitable choice.  Provider attorneys consult directly with you to assist in making your choices.  In order to minimize expenses, we further benefit from our membership in the AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc. programs that allow us to take advantage of the finest legal  services and documents, while at the same time saving money by using the group purchasing power available to us with AmeriEstate.


*Access to Legal Services provided by AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc.


Neither NEXT Financial Group, Inc. nor its representatives are qualified to give tax or legal advice.  Please consult your tax or legal professional regarding your particular situation.


*AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc. is not affiliated with NEXT Financial Group, Inc

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